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See fuller, yet natural-looking lips. This patent-pending lip enhancing and plumping treatment with groundbreaking delivery technology, infuses hyaluronic acid to reclaim lip volume, definition, and suppleness.

Product Details: 

This daily lip plumping treatment helps reclaim lip volume and smooths the appearance of fine lines.

That’s vital, because over time lips experience a loss of volume and definition as hyaluronic acid production slows and skin’s ability to retain moisture decreases. You may also see lines and wrinkles begin to form.

Ourself Lip Filler leverages our patent-pending multiphasic vesicle delivery technology to directly deliver different sizes of hyaluronic acid to the layer of skin where they’re needed most.

This enables visible resiliency in your lips—so they look more like the lips you once knew. More plumped. Smooth and supple, with a non-sticky, natural matte finish.

Vitamin B3-Derived Lip Color Enhancer works to help enhance lip color and create a fuller appearance—instantly.

With daily use, definition and suppleness are visibly restored, with a recognizable and naturally full look—one that you control—for the lips you love.

Comes with two refill cartridges.

  • Hyaluronic Acid (HA): A naturally occurring molecule with renowned plumping, restorative and soothing effects. HA molecules are polymers, meaning they are made up of very long chains of smaller molecules. HA comes in various sizes or molecular weights, depending on the length of the chain.
  • Multiphasic Vesicles: Our patent-pending delivery system targets HA where lips need it most, resulting in instant and long-term visible benefits.
  • Vitamin B3-Derived Lip Color Enhancer: Helps enhance natural lip color, creating an instantly fuller and more youthful look


  • Patent-pending Subtopical Delivery Technology™ infuses hyaluronic acid within the lips
  • Increases lip definition and leaves lips feeling supple
  • Smooths the look of fine lines and wrinkles for lips that appear more youthful
  • Instantly enhances lip color which helps create a natural, fuller look
  • Absorbs quickly so you can layer lip conditioner, lipstick or other lip products on top

How To Use: 

Lip Filler Refill Instructions

  1. Unscrew top of refill cartridge
  2. Remove base and cap of the pen and place both on a flat surface
  3. Pull used cartridge out of the pen
  4. Hold pen vertically, with applicator pointing down into a tissue–as inserting refill cartridge may force out excess air and residual product from the pen
  5. Insert cartridge into pen until it clicks
  6. Replace cap and base onto pen

Note: Inserting refill cartridge or the first application post refill may force out excess air and residual product. Hold pen vertically, applicator pointing down into a tissue.

Due to different skin sensitivities, we recommend a “test layer” upon first usage. After applying your first layer wait 15 minutes before applying additional layers.

Do not apply outside the natural lip line, as temporary redness and stinging may occur. Make sure not to rub your lips together until the product has completely dried.


Due to different skin sensitivities, we recommend a “test layer” upon first usage. After applying your first layer wait 15 minutes before applying additional layers.

For external use only. Use only as directed. Do not apply the product to skin other than your lips. If you have a preexisting skin condition, including a history of cold sores, consult with a physician before use. Do not use on broken/chapped lips. If irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult a physician. Please consult your physician before use if pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. Keep out of reach of children.

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